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Luxor Tours Egypt, Luxor Excursions, Hotels in Luxor, Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan, Things to do and much from Journey to Egypt. Our Luxor Tours will take you to Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temples or even to Cairo for a whirlwind tour of Ancient Lower Egypt. For visitors with very limited time at their disposal, who cannot therefore follow the detailed rtes in and around Luxor, the list of Luxor Tours below gives several short itineraries. These Luxor tours cover most of the most important monuments; each takes a couple of hours or, at most, a full day.

Luxor Tours Egypt, Luxor Day Tours

Luxor, one of the greatest cities of the ancient world, Luxor grew in importance during the Middle Kingdom and was the political capital of Egypt during much of its New Kingdom period of glory; it was then a religious capital for centuries thereafter. Temples of Luxor represent the largest and the greatest concentration of Temples in Egypt and possibly anywhere. Both the East and West banks of the Nile in the area of modern-day Luxor represent the site of Ancient Thebes. Luxor’s vast array of sights demands several days to explore. Available Luxor tours egypt, Luxor excursions and things to do in Luxor include 1. half-day Tour or 2. Full-day tours of the West & East bank sites usually combining the Valley of the Kings with the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut one the West, and Karnak & Luxor Temples on the East - 3. Journey to Egypt organizes also full-day tour to the temple sites at Dandara and Abydos.

2 Day Short Break in Luxor

2 Day Tour in Luxor Two day tour in Luxor include accommodation for 1 night "5 satr Hotel", Luxor is little more than a small town on the banks of the Nile. Hundreds of thousands of international visitors flock here to marvel at what the modern town was built upon, which is the spectacular ruins of Thebes, vast capital of the pharaohs during the New Kingdom (1550–1069 BC). Only two temples remain- Luxor Temple in the heart of the town and the Karnak Temple complex just north of the town. Both were renowned throughout the ancient world and have attracted visitors ever since ancient Greek and Roman times. Even more extraordinary are the sites on the West Bank, which is where the pharaohs built their grand funerary temples and tombs. No of Days: 02 Days- 01 Nights | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every day Price per Person Per Trip Double 175 U$D | One Person Traveling Alone  265 U$D

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Tour To The West & East Bank Of Luxor

Tour To The West & East Bank Of Luxor See Luxor's best sites in one day. Visit Valley of the Kings, Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and Colossi of Memnon on the west bank and Then see Temples at Karnak and Temple of Luxor on the east bank. This day tour led by an expert guide can enhance your understanding of these ancient places, and there is a wide choice of organized itineraries available. Duration: About 8 Hours | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day Price per Person per Trip Single 110$| 2-3 Persons 80$| 4-6 Persons 70$

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Tour To Karnak And Luxor Temples

Luxor East Bank Tour On the East bank of Luxor, most trips combine Karank and Luxor Temples in a half-day. Visit the great temples of Amun at Karnak, the largest religious structure the world has ever known. Then move on to visit Luxor temple, the southern most of the monuments of the Luxor east bank. We offer you best Luxor tours with Qualified Egyptologist tour guide and there is a wide choice of organized itineraries available. Duration: About 4 Hours | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day Price per Person per Trip Single 65$ |2-3 Persons 45$ |4-6 Persons 40$

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Sound And Light Show At Karnak Temples

Luxor has little to offer by night, but we organize tours combining a visit to the sound and light show at Karnak. The Karnak Sound and Light show highlights the dramatic history of ancient city Luxor. The show narrates the achievements and the events of the great kings of ancient Egypt with poetic description of the ancient temples. Duration: About 2 Hours | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day Price per Person per Trip Single 45$| 2-3 Persons 35$| 4-6 Persons 30$

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Tour To Abydos And Dandara Temples

Journey to Egypt organizes full-day tour to the temple sites at Dandara and Abydos, the most complete temples in Egypt. Full-day tours to the temple sites at Dandara, 40 miles north of Luxor, the most impressive complex of temples between Cairo and Luxor. And Abydos, 60 mile north west of Luxor with its superb Mortuary Temple of Seti l. Duration: About 8 Hours | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day Price per Person per Trip Single 135$| 2-3 Persons 100 $| 4-6 Persons 80$

FromUSD 80
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Valley Of The Kings Tour, Luxor West Bank Tour

Luxor West Bank Tour The most popular tours in Luxor takes visitors to the West Bank, Valley of the Kings, the most magnificent burial ground the world has ever seen- the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and the Colossi of Memnon. Duration: About 5 Hours | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day Price per Person per Trip Single 80$| 2-3 Persons 50$| 4-6 Persons 45$

FromUSD 45
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Luxor Nile Felucca Tours

Luxor Nile Felucca Tours The Nile Valley today is still a beautiful and magical place, and one should take the time to enjoy its many attributes. Few things are quite as pleasant as sailing at sunset by Felucca along the River Nile in Luxor. There, especially in the autumn during the annual southward migration, dozens of species of birds can be seen, from herons and pelicans to bee-eaters and sun birds. It is not unusual on a November evening to see flocks of thousand birds or more flying low across the fields, searching for a place to spend the night. These traditional Nile sail boats know as Felucca for a very relaxing and fun way of travel. A fantastic sailing experience on the Nile and a visit to the Banana Island (Geziret alMoz), entrusting yourself to the power of the current and the winds Duration: About 1 Hour | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day Price per Person per Trip Single 30$ | 2-3 Persons 20$ | 4-6 persons 15$

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Luxor Airport Transfers

Luxor Airport Transfers Providing comfortable Luxor Airport Transfers between Luxor International Airport and all locations in Luxor. No extra charges for flight delays, there are no additional charges for flight delays. Booking Your Luxor Airport Transportation Online Now. Price, To Luxor Hotels Or Luxor Nile Cruises Per vehicle Per Way 1-2 Persons 25$  | 3-8 Persons 30$

FromUSD 25
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Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan - 4 Nights

Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan - 4 Nights Since Cleopatra treated Antony to a magnificent progress upriver on her royal barge, a Cruise On The Nile, Nile Cruise Luxor Aswan has been an essential component of many visitors' trips to Egypt. Today, thousands take this unforgettable journey of a lifetime on one of the many Nile Cruise Ships that sail the Nile between Luxor and Aswan with 10 expert-led shore excursions including in the price of your cruise, after heading out from Luxor you'll reach your first expert-led shore excursion Karnak Temple ( The largest religious building ever constructed), and Luxor Temple. Before you depart Luxor you'll visit two sites of great importance Valley of the Kings ( The richest archaeological site on earth) and Hatshepsut Temple ( The most intriguing of the temples). Moving off from here your cruise through Edfu and Kom Ombo before reaching the site of the legendary, Aswan where you'll stop for relaxing overnight. Our Nile Cruise Tours led by an expert guide can enhance your understanding of these ancient places. Schedule: Every Saturday | Or Monday | Or Thursday, From Luxor To Aswan. Price per Person per Trip May- Sep. Double 360 $ | One Person Traveling Alone 570 $ Oct- April Double 410 $ | One Person Traveling Alone 690 $

FromUSD 410
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Luxor Air Balloon Ride

Luxor Air Balloon Ride Drifting over the hills of the west bank of Luxor, the Valley of the kings, the Nile and the rooftops of Luxor in a hot air balloon Luxor is wonderful- the experience of a lifetime. hot air balloon luxor, is an incredible way to see the temples of Egypt which without doubt among the most impressive monuments to have survived from the ancient world. Will take you to the balloon that will carry over Luxor’s temples, like the sun in its rising many of these structures still rank among the greatest architecture accomplishments of human history. Duration: About 2 Hours | Type: By Balloon | Run: Every Day Price per Person per Trip Single 90$| 2-3 Persons 90$| 4-6 Persons 90$

Day Trip To Cairo From Luxor By Flight

Day Trip To Cairo From Luxor By Flight Enjoy an incredible day in Cairo, take the flight from Luxor to Cairo and discover the Egyptian Pyramids at Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum and Old Cairo. Duration: About 16 Hours | Type: Private Tour | Run: Every Day Price Per Person per Trip Single 415$| 2-3 Persons 330$| 4-6 Persons 305$