Journey To EgyptJourney To Egypt
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Egypt Travel Guide


Entry Requirements

All visitors require a national passport with at least six months validity. All foreign visitors require visas, obtainable on arrival or in advance from your nearest Egyptian consulate.

Flight information

There are direct flights to Cairo from all of the European capitals and other major cities in Europe, and also from the USA, Canada, Australia, most African states, and all Middle Eastern capitals.
Luxor International Airport is around 16 km from the city center. There are a few direct flights to Luxor from European cities, as well as seasonal (winter) charter flights direct to Luxor from some British and mainland European cities.

Best Times to Visit

Cairo and Luxor are best visited between October and May, when daytime temperatures average between 25C and 30C. it almost never rains in Luxor, and rain is rare in Cairo. Nights can be cool in Luxor and chilly in Cairo at this time of the year.

Package Tours

Even if you are a free spirit, taking a package holiday including guided tours from your home country can be the most affordable way of seeing Egypt. It eliminates the constant hassle of finding your way around and bargaining over every-thing from taxi to camel and felucca hire.

What To Take

Day tours are usually long, hot, and tiring, so plan ahead. Wear comfortable, sturdy shoes, as you’ll be climbing around over sand and shale. Cover up with cool (cotton) loose-fitting clothes to prevent sun-burn (even on overcast days) and dehydration. Take sunscreen, a hat and, if you’re allergic to dust, a mask.

Photo Notes

With the exception of the tombs and museums, the monuments are open to photography.

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