Tombs of the Nobles

Tombs of the Nobles

Of the several thousand nobles’ tombs identified in the Theban Necropolis, nineteen are today open to the public. They span a period of nearly hundred years, from the mid-18 dynasty onward.

If time does not permit such a tour, then one should at least visit TT100: Rekhmire and TT 55:Ramose, the first with superb painting of daily life, the second with relief carving of outstanding quality. It is  the detail in these tomb’s decoration that reward the visitors, and it is much better to explore a few tombs slowly than to hurry through several. The walk from parking areas to the tombs of the Nobles can be equally enjoyable, and one should note the mud-brick houses decorated with Hajj paintings that line the footpaths, and the views of the Nile Valley to the east.


Tombs of the Nobles |The Tomb of Ramose TT55

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