Temples at Karnak

Karnak is a difficult site to understand, Jean-Francois Champollion, the Frenchman who first deciphered Egyptian hieroglyphs, described it as “So vast and so grandiose” that the Egyptians must have designed it for “Men one hundred feet tall” Not only is Karnak huge- the complex covers over two square kilometers, but it is the result of almost constant building activity that began over 4700 years ago and continues even today. The temple of Amon-Ra, Karnak’s principal building, is the largest religious structure ever builtIt was god’s home on earth, and around it lay the homes of his relatives-his wife, Mut and their son, khonsu .

Karnak Temple, Introduction
Karnak Temple, The Quay
The First Pylon at Karnak Temple
The First Court
The Shrine of Rameses III
The Bubastite Portal
The Second Pylon
The Hypostyle Hall
Karnak Temple | The Third Pylon and the Court
From the fourth pylon to the sixth
Shrine of Philip Arrhidaeus and Hatshepsut
The Middle kingdom court
The Akhmenou Temple of Thutmose III
The eastern part of the complex and the Sacred Lake
The court de la Cashette

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