Temple of Queen Hatshepsut

No doubt that the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Dayr Al- Bahari in Luxor is the most famous of Egyptian temples, especially after the discovery of the temple of X 1th dynasty beside it .

All the credit of the design of this temple ought to go the architect of the X 1th dynasty and not to Senmut. The soul idea which Senmutadopted from the X 1th dynasty building was that of a terrace.

The name of Dier el Bahari which is applied to the site means “the northern monastery” which is not referring to anything ancient but to the Christian monastery which was actually erected on top of the site of the temple dating to about the seventh century AD.

However the ancient name of the site was “Zosret” or the “Holy” and when Queen Hatshepsut erected her temple beside the X 1th dynasty construction it was called “Zosret Zosru” or the Holy of the Holies and the two temples together were called “Zosreti” or the “Two hollies “.

The reason of building the temple, When Hatshepsut decided to build this temple, she had more than one reason in mind.

  1. She wanted it to be the “paradise of Amon” which was dedicated to him but like other temples in Egypt it has a collection of other gods as well so there was a chapel for “Anubis” and for “Hathor“.
  2. It was intended to serve as a mortuary temple for the founder and her family. Indeed, she first intended to have her tomb which is in the Valley of the Kings, underneath the site of this great temple, but after they started to cut her tomb through the cliffs they found that the rock turned to be bad, so they cancelled the whole idea.
  3. The third most important reason for building this temple, is that Hatshepsut wanted to emphasis her legitimate right in claiming the throne by creating that theory of her divine birth, and choosing of coarse the patron-god of Thebes and the growing empire “Amon Ra” to be her father.

This very same idea was repeated later on by Amenhotep III in his reliefs in the Temple of Luxor.

Destruction caused to the temple
Temple of Queen Hatshepsut - Description

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