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Budget Nile Cruise and Cheap Nile Cruise deals Starting From 95 U$D Per Person Per Night, We are a reliable source to find budget Nile cruise so you can explore Luxor and Aswan-  Luxor is known as the City of a hundred Gates, treasure trove of ancient spiritual symbolism and sacred sites- Get the best budget Nile cruise and deals or choose from a selection of Luxury Nile Cruises, Deluxe Nile Cruises, Cheap Nile Cruises,  Dahabiya Nile Cruise, Long Nile Cruise or Lake Naser Cruise.

Nearby, along the Nile, Egyptians still live in mud huts housing humans and animals alike, exactly as they did thousands of years ago. To travel down the River Nile is to journey through centuries of history.

From the heart of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea, the second longest river in the world travels for 4,169 miles. On both sides of its banks, for over 5000 years, successive pharaohs, sultans and presidents have left behind memories of a glorious past. Egypt itself is a gift of the Nile, for without its waters it would never exist. Whilst cruising down the Nile, it is difficult to comprehend that this very same river transported baby Moses in his basket of bulrushes to the maidservant Miriam, Queen Cleopatra to her lover, Mark Antony and all the great pharaohs of Egypt to eternal splendour set in stone.

flotilla of Cruises on the Nile at Luxor, The number and variety of boats is overwhelming and it is advisable to do some research before booking. Itineraries are generally the same and the differences between cruisers lie in the quality of service and facilities on board.

All meals are usually included in the cost of the Cruise Budget but alcoholic drinks are put on a tab that has to be settled at the end of the cruise.

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