Ancient Egyptian Religion

It is impossible to appreciate the art and architecture of Ancient Egypt without a knowledge of Egyptian religion , this , however , is a complicated and difficult subject , incompletely understood , and cannot be dealt with in a summary manner the bulk of ancient Egyptian literature is religions in nature , much of […]

Dynasties Kings Ancient Egypt

Dynasties and Kings of Ancient Egypt

Dynasties Kings Ancient Egypt, The New kingdom or the Egyptian Empire (1567-1085) consisted of the 18-20 dynasties, it is sometimes known as the Egyptian Empire, it began with the expulsion of the Hyksos rulers from the eastern delta, where they had their capital Avaris this was achieved by the native Theban rulers of the 17 […]

Outline of Egyptian History

We owe the division of Egypt’s ancient history into thirty royal Dynasties from Menes to Alexander the Great to an Egyptian historian called Manetho,who lived in the reign of PolemyII (285-247BC). The Dynasties were subsequently combined and grouped into three main periods: the Old Kingdom or Pyramid Age, the Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom […]