Dayr al-Madina (The Ancient Village)

The Ancient Village and Worker’s Tombs

Several architectural and decorative differences set the tombs of the craftsmen and workers who lived in the Village of Dayr al-Madina apart from other private tombs at Thebes (Luxor) . The tombs here had forecourts defined by a low mudbrick wall that might enclose a garden and pond. Behind, stood a small pyramid, never more that 10 meters high, that could contain a small chamber or stela niche. ( This was the last pyramid to be incorporated into the plan of an Egyptian tomb.)

Tombs at Dayr al-Madina were crowded together on the hillside immediately west of the village. Space was at a premium here, and tombs were used by entire families

Of the three tombs at Dayr al-Madina currently open to public ( TT1: Sennedjem, TT3:Pashedu, and TT359:Inherkhau), that of Pashedu is both the most beautifully decorated and least visited.


Worker's Tombs | The Tomb of Sennedjem TT1


Worker's Tombs | The Tomb of Pashedu TT3


Worker's Tombs | The Tomb of Inherkhau TT359

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